Data Wrangling and Data Representation in R Markdown

This course illustrates techniques for data manipulation, visualization and reporting using R and R Markdown

The course provides an Introduction to R. Specifically, basic concepts of Data Wrangling, Data Description and Data Presentation are discussed and sample code is provided.

An introduction to oTree

oTree is a framework based on Python to run controlled experiments.

The course provides an introduction to oTree programming, focusing on the creation of online economic experiments.

The course is developed around 4 modules to be taken in sequence. For each module, a link to the online lecture and to a printout of lecture slides is provided.

A Crash Course in z-Tree

The course aims at introducing participants to the use of z-Tree software to run economic experiments.

The course begins with a brief introduction to Experimental Economics and to its methodology. Participants are then assisted in the installation and running of z-Tree software. The programming of a few paradigmatic experiments is discussed in details.