oTree: Individual decision making

An Introduction to oTree

Matteo Ploner


Submitting information

  • Each page in oTree can contain a form
    • The player fills with some value and then submits it
      • Cardinal values
        • Integer, Float
      • Ordinal values
        • Integer, Categorical
      • Text
        • Strings of numbers and letters
  • Several formats to collect values
    • Open fiels
    • Buttons
    • Radio buttons
    • Dropdown lists

Basic structure of forms

  • First create fields in models.py
  • As an example, if you want to collect name and age
  • Then in pages.py, you will create a class
  • Finally, in the template Anag.html the form will be displayed with
  • To display the forms separately

Input formats


  • In the following examples the participant receives a random number
  • The participant is asked to report features of the number
    • Several input interfaces are presented
      • Radio
      • Button
      • Checker
      • Dropdown
      • Radio Sequence
      • Text
      • Value
      • Tabular


Setting up an individual decision-making task

Our task

  • First we investigate individuals’ risk attituted
    • Multiple Price List questionnaire (Holt and Laury 2002)
      • Trade-off between lotteries
  • Second we collect pieces of demographic information
    • Age,gender, …